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Re: Voice Vlan configuration

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Voice Vlan configuration

New to the 3com world of switches and have a quick question I hope can be answered here. Are the voice vlan commands on the 4200g for IP phones or are they generic enough to apply to any voice traffic that I want to prioritize? I'm looking for a quick way to apply a COS of 7 and DSCP of 48 on all traffic on vlan 20. From what I have read, I could make vlan 20 the voice vlan with "voice vlan 20 enable" then on each port, enable the voice vlan and then set the qos with "voice vlan qos 7 48". Is that it or do I need to create acl's and a qos profile to apply to ports?


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Re: Voice Vlan configuration

If you like to priorize all packets in the vlan: thats it.

But when you like to priorize only the voicetraffic on the vlan, you have to set acls and qos.



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