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web interface 12900E config


web interface 12900E config



i want to loging to my hpe wtich via gui interface - 

i config this steps : 

local-user XXX class manage

service-type telnet https ssh terminal

authorization-attribute user-role network-admin
authorization-attribute user-role network-operator


i tried to connect via the web to the ip mgmt address but i cannot success -

no firewall on the way....telnet with 443 and 80 faild..


some help please? 


Re: web interface 12900E config

Hi @kobi_Levi921 !

You can't use Web GUI to configure 12900E series switches. It is not supported and will never be supported.

Normally, in order to get the Web GUI on Comware devices you need to enable HTTP or/and HTTPS server processes with commands 'ip http enable' and/or 'ip https enable'. Such commands do not even exist in the CLI of this model (tested on s/w version 2710):



[HPE12916E]ip http?
 % Unrecognized command found at '^' position.
[HPE12916E]ip ?
  as-path                             Specify an AS path
  community-list                      Specify a community list entry
  extcommunity-list                   Specify an extended community-list entry
  fast-forwarding                     IP fast-forwarding information
  forwarding-conversational-learning  Enable conversational learning to generate
                                      FIB entries
  forwarding-table                    IP forwarding table
  host                                Add a static host name-to-IPv4 address
  icmp                                Specify ICMP configuration information
  load-sharing                        IP forwarding load-sharing
  local                               Apply a policy to locally generated
  netstream                           NetStream function
  policy-based-route                  Specify a PBR policy
  prefix-list                         Specify an IPv4 prefix list
  public-instance                     Specify the public instance
  reassemble                          IP reassemble
  redirects                           Send ICMP Redirect packets
  route                               Specify route configuration
  route-static                        Establish a static route
  route-static-group                  Specify a static route group
  rpf-route-static                    Specify static multicast route
  source                              Source binding function
  ttl-expires                         Send ICMP Time Exceeded packets
  unreachables                        Send ICMP Destination Unreachable packets
  urpf                                Unicast reverse path forward function
  verify                              Verify packets
  vpn-instance                        Specify a VPN instance





Hope this helps!


I am an HPE employee

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