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Web management on HP 7500

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Web management on HP 7500

Good morning, I have a problem with a switch 7500 serie. I can ping and telnet but cannot access with the web management interface. I have search on many manuals but can't find the command for enable this type of access.


I have try with serv web under local-user but say unknow command. Please help me.


Thank you.





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Re: Web management on HP 7500

Fist you have to enable the HTTP server with the command:


ip http enable


And next type under your local user


service-type web

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Re: Web management on HP 7500

Good morning, I try with this configuration but the situation is the same. 


Have you anoyher suggestion?


Thank you, very much.



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Re: Web management on HP 7500

Hi Giuseppe,


What software are you using (display version)? I use, Version 5.20.105, Release 6708P08. And I have no technical problems enabling the webinterface. (Not that i use it)


1: If you do a ip http enable, the switch should enable the web server, and in a browser, you should always get an answer if you type in the management ip-address of the switch in as the URL in the browser. (assuming no firewall or other kind of accesslists elsewhere prevents you from doing this)

Depending on your browser setup, you get different results here. E.g if you have no-script plugin installed, the page will return an error message "This WebUI administration tool requires scripting support." If you turn scripting on, you'll get a login page with user name, password and verify code input fields (Nice HP logo, etc). I can use my already configured default scheme to access the pages. Can you get this page?


2: How are your users authenticated (e.g. telnet login).



Søren Dideriksen

Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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