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adding disks to disk-group in EVA4400 while leveling

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adding disks to disk-group in EVA4400 while leveling

yesterday morning one of the disks in a disk-group failed and was automatically removed from the disk-group; the Reconstruction process took about 20 hours, and right now the disk-group is in Leveling

can i add the spare to the disk-group now, or should i wait for this Leveling process to finish before starting another?
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Re: adding disks to disk-group in EVA4400 while leveling

if the disk is allready ungrouped from the DG, there is no risk of the 2 disk failures, because after the ungroup the DG is healthy (and able to survive another disk failure online).
You should replaced the failed disk and then group it into the DG.
Leveling means redistribution of the vdisks across all physical disk in a DG and it is automatic feature of the EVA controller firmware.
Ungroup/regroup and leveling operations are independent so you are free to add/group (in your case the failed disk replacement) in any time. After the group, the leveling process will start again...

The spare disk capacity can be checked e.g. the Commandview and its Protection level parameter:
single disk protection means 2 virtual disk spares
double disk protection means 4 virtual disk spares
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