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CA DR groups deleted EVA5000

Occasional Advisor

CA DR groups deleted EVA5000

Anyone seen this before?

Two EVA5000 in a campus CA solution VCS3.028, RSM 2.1.142

1. One EVA (destination) suffered a power outage or spike whilst the UPS was being serviced; this event caused a restart of both controllers. Once they had reboot and CV EVA had refreshed all looked good in command view hardware wise.
2. However the controller fault LED was lit on the bottom controller. (resolved by a reboot after un-presenting the destination disks )
3. This is where it gets interesting at the same approximate time in RSM under the DR Groups RSM storage events tab, RSM reports all the source DR groups’ deleted one after the other. CV Confirms this is the case. The source Vdisks are still available and being presented on the source EVA. However replication has stopped to the destination EVA.
4. The destination EVA DR groups and Vdisks still exist but they are now orphaned from the source. CA was still holding down the paths to these Vdisks so none were presented.

I have removed the presentation of the orphaned destination disks so there is no chance of them being presented as they are obviously out of sync with the source.

Any thoughts on what happened?