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Re: Changing RAID size

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Changing RAID size

I have a DL 380 running raid 5. One partition is 10gigs and the other is 400gigs. I need to increase the size of the 10gig partition by 10gigs and decrease the 400gig partition to 390gigs? I can not reimage the box or anything like that. I am able to reboot it if need be. Any suggestions?
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Re: Changing RAID size


well if you just want to do that increase one partition taking space from another

you have to use partitioner software like:

Partition Manager 8.5


Acronis® Disk Director Server 10.0


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Re: Changing RAID size

You may be able to expand the LUN in Command View. Under Virtual Disks properties there is a capacity section. Request more capacity. On a Windows host you would then use diskpar rescan the disk to 'see' the additional storage.

I was told in a CV class that the EVA 8100 supports 'LUN Shrink' in which you would simply request less storage space in the Capacity field for the vDisk. But, I have not tested this procedure.

Each OS handles dynamic increases in storage volumes differently (Windows, VMware, HPUX). I'd test this out on your Windows host by presenting a small LUN, put some data on it, then expand the LUN and make sure no data is lost.

Hope this points you in the right direction.