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Error Message in MSA1000


Error Message in MSA1000

Hi All,

One of my cu have a MSA1000 with two controller in Active/Passive mode.Active controller is showing an error "30 I2C READ FAILURE CASHE DIMM PIC 0 ". I had reveived a cashe module with 256MB. After replaced the part issue was same. I have been chacked with other two cashe module from my passive controller but isssue was same.

Could someone tell me can i inter change the controller or not. if i do it than my configration will same or it will be erase.
clustering is configuered with 4 dl380 g5 server and o/s is suse linux.

Could someone tell me what is the acctule issue according this error.

thaks & regards
rakesh kumar
m- 91-9958691040/9873499319
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Message in MSA1000

I2C is Inter Integrated Circuit bus, it's the one intercommunicating the chips on the controller. This looks like a failed chip somewhere on the controller (PIC likely refers to Programmable Interrupt Controller)
The information is on the disks, you can disable controller (through serial port), remove it and replace it.