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Install MSA30

Occasional Advisor

Install MSA30

Is there anyone who can help (or assist) me?

I have problem with my provider and I need do this only I.
I NEED HELP, I am not adminsitrator and I need re install the MSA30 on server, I spoke with Torsten and he send me an action plan, to continue I display this.
I need send me the sentence and command for to do the change on server, Pls excuseme my english, this is poor.

This is the action plan that you send me.

- reconfigure 1 HBA(#2) to initiator ID 6
(using mptutil)

- connect each bus with 2 cables to your host (better to shut the host down for this)
HBA1 connector1 -> A1 : A2 HBA2 connector1
HBA1 connector2 -> B1 : B2 HBA2 connector2

- now you have 2 device files for each disk

- remove the LVM mirror for each LVOL in this VG

- remove the device files for the (empty) disks to be re-located

- re-locate the (empty) disks to the other bus

- create device files

- include the disks to the VG

-include the alternate pathes to the VG

- mirror the lvols

Thanks very much, for all.