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MSA1500 add enclosure hangs

New Member

MSA1500 add enclosure hangs

We are trying to add 4 more msa20 enclosures to a MSA1500 and each time we try to do this it hangs the controllers. (Even when followign the correct startup power up sequence)

The only thing we can see wrong is that the controllers are assigned SCSI ID 6 and 7 and these are conflicting with enclosure 6 and 7, however we assume that the controller should change this on bootup?

Any Help appreciated
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSA1500 add enclosure hangs

Hi Richard
what is the firmware version
and have u tried connecting one enclosure at 6^th and 7^th location at a time?
i guess you have two controllers present can you try with one controller at a time?

if still fail
remove all the disks and place only enclosure
there could be the one rogue disk

do post your findings if you try something else and that works.