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MSA500-G2 and failover

Occasional Advisor

MSA500-G2 and failover

I have the following system
MSA500-G2 with 4 port scsi interface
2 HP servers with 2 scsi kontrollers in each server, Smart Array 642, connected to the MSA500. I'm running w23k x64 with mpio.
I start a read/write test on the MSA500 and disconnect one of the scsi cables on the host.
(the other server is shut down) and the i/o continues. I then reconnect the scsi cable, wait for 2-3 minutes, and try to failover by taking out the other scsi cable. Then the write operation on the MSA500 then fails with a write delay message... Someone told me than
on this scsi based solution, the failover/fail back will work like on a msa1000/msa1500.
Someone tried this?
(I believe I have the latest/greatest of drivers/fw etc)

Thanks - pelle

When I try failover