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Re: Smart Array 641 drives failed

New Member

Smart Array 641 drives failed

I have a raid 5 with 5 drives setup,
One drive failed so it was replaced, the rebuild stoped shortly after starting. Now a second drive is in a predictive state and won't allow the rebuild to finish.

Can I replace the second drive and still have it rebuild both drives?
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 641 drives failed

Hi Sean,

No. Unless the raidset goes back to a good state then you won't be able replace the second drive. A RAID-5 array can only tolerate the loss of one drive at a time.

The rebuild will have failed because it was having problems reading the parity data from the drive that is starting to fail.

It's likely that you'll have to start restoring data from your backup tapes...


New Member

Re: Smart Array 641 drives failed

Even though the Diag tool says the other drive is needing replaced, the amber light is not even on,solid or flashing, the drive looks fine visually. Is it possible that its a false report. and is there any way to get past that without rebuilding the array?