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Re: StorageWorks 4354r has a "Enclosure Fault" amber LED on.

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StorageWorks 4354r has a "Enclosure Fault" amber LED on.

Sensor 0 of internal storage device on Port 2 of
Array Controller in slot 4 is reporting the temperature has exceeded the preset limit.
The controller may attempt to shut down power to the storage device and/or spin down the installed disk drives.

Note: The StorageWorks has a "Enclosure Fault" amber LED on.
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Re: StorageWorks 4354r has a "Enclosure Fault" amber LED on.

Start by checking if both fans on the rear of the enclodure are working...
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Re: StorageWorks 4354r has a "Enclosure Fault" amber LED on.

Yes I checked the P/S and fans and they are OK. I wanted to run SmartStart to see if it would point me in the right direction so I rebooted the server with SmartStart 7.9. During the POST it showed a problem with I.D. #2 hard drive in the StorageWorks. I than continued with SmartStart. It ran with no errors except that it did not even see drive #2 or test it.

I replaced #2 hard drive in the StoragWorks after shutting down the server. When I rebooted server it asked me to rebuild the drive and server came up OK. Also the "Enclosure Fault" LED remained out. It looks like the drive may have been over heating and causing Sensor 0 to turn on the fault LED on but without any amber light on the drive itself.

I wish I new where this Sensor 0 is. Could it be in each hard drive, the StorageWorks backplane or in the EMU???

Thanks for responding. I will wait and see if the LED comes back on but for now this strange problem has gone away.