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Re: Temperature Reported as 0 (zero)

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Temperature Reported as 0 (zero)

I'm seeing this reported several times a week:
SNMP Trap: 8019
A 'Storage System Temperature Status Change' trap signifies that the status of a Compaq Storage System temperature sensor has changed.
Temperature Status 'OTHER'
Location 'BACKPLANE'
Chassis Name 'SGA071504L'
Temperature (degrees Celsius) 0

After the temp is reported as 0 for several minutes, subsequent messages indicate the temp is measured accurately and things are normal. Is the sensor at fault?
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Re: Temperature Reported as 0 (zero)

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Re: Temperature Reported as 0 (zero)

It could be a software problem as well. Last week I've done some troubleshooting on an MSA1500cs which was reported to have stopped all work and required a hard power cycle to wake it.

After going through the logs I've found a number of events about bad temperatures (0, 127 or 255 degrees celsius), problems with a power supply and fans which have been going on work weeks.

It was reported to HP and from what I've been told (I did not open / supervise the call), it is a problem with the V7.00 firmware and the fix is the V7.10 firmware. It's been a week now since my analysis and I've been told today that this is considered 'internal firmware' - nobody was able to get it so far :-( :-(
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Re: Temperature Reported as 0 (zero)

Those are the same symptoms I see. For the record, my MSA units are running with 7.04 firmware.