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va7410 problem with

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va7410 problem with


we've been having problems with this array for about a month now. We've had HP out several times. First time out they replaced a controller. Then we had two disk drives die at the same time, then they came out and replaced the other controller. Our problems always start out with the error below and escalates until the array is unreachable from the hosts. Then when HP gets onsite, they reset a controller and it comes back up.

WARNING: The configuration of the subsystem is such that one or more drives has only a single path of access to it.

I've attached an armdsp -t output

Has anyone experienced problems like this?

armdsp -t output

Vendor ID:______________________________HP
Product ID:_____________________________A6218A
Array World Wide Name:__________________50060b000014e6c4
Array Serial Number:____________________
Software Revision:______________________1.09.02 - 0191 - 060113
Command execution timestamp:____________Jul 28, 2008 10:06:55 AM

(addresses are 0 based)
Disk Controller paths to Encl Hard Assigned
Fru disks Addr Addr Addr
------- ------------------- ---- ---- --------
M/D1 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x6f 0x6f 0x6f
M/D2 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x70 0x70 0x70
M/D3 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x71 0x71 0x71
M/D4 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x72 0x72 0x72
M/D5 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x73 0x73 0x73
M/D6 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x74 0x74 0x74
M/D7 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x75 0x75 0x75
M/D8 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x76 0x76 0x76
M/D9 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x77 0x77 0x77
M/D10 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x78 0x78 0x78
M/D11 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x79 0x79 0x79
M/D12 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x7a 0x7a 0x7a
M/D13 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x7b 0x7b 0x7b
M/D14 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x7c 0x7c 0x7c
M/D15 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x6d 0x6d 0x6d
JA0/D1 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x00 0x00 0x00
JA0/D2 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x01 0x01 0x01
JA0/D3 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x02 0x02 0x02
JA0/D4 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x03 0x03 0x03
JA0/D5 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x04 0x04 0x04
JA0/D6 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x05 0x05 0x05
JA0/D7 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x06 0x06 0x06
JA0/D8 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x07 0x07 0x07
JA0/D9 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x08 0x08 0x08
JA0/D10 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x09 0x09 0x09
JA0/D11 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x0a 0x0a 0x0a
JA0/D12 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x0b 0x0b 0x0b
JA0/D13 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x0c 0x0c 0x0c
JA0/D14 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x0d 0x0d 0x0d
JA0/D15 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x0e 0x0e 0x0e
JA1/D1 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x10 0x10 0x10
JA1/D2 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x11 0x11 0x11
JA1/D3 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x12 0x12 0x12
JA1/D4 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x13 0x13 0x13
JA1/D5 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x14 0x14 0x14
JA1/D6 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x15 0x15 0x15
JA1/D7 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x16 0x16 0x16
JA1/D8 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x17 0x17 0x17
JA1/D9 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x18 0x18 0x18
JA1/D10 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x19 0x19 0x19
JA1/D11 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x1a 0x1a 0x1a
JA1/D12 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x1b 0x1b 0x1b
JA1/D13 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x1c 0x1c 0x1c
JA1/D14 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x1d 0x1d 0x1d
JA1/D15 (M/C1.J1, M/C2.J1)* 0x1e 0x1e 0x1e
JB0/D1 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x00 0x00 0x00
JB0/D2 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x01 0x01 0x01
JB0/D3 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x02 0x02 0x02
JB0/D4 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x03 0x03 0x03
JB0/D5 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x04 0x04 0x04
JB0/D6 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x05 0x05 0x05
JB0/D7 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x06 0x06 0x06
JB0/D8 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x07 0x07 0x07
JB0/D9 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x08 0x08 0x08
JB0/D10 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x09 0x09 0x09
JB0/D11 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x0a 0x0a 0x0a
JB0/D12 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x0b 0x0b 0x0b
JB0/D13 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x0c 0x0c 0x0c
JB0/D14 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x0d 0x0d 0x0d
JB0/D15 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x0e 0x0e 0x0e
JB1/D1 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x10 0x10 0x10
JB1/D2 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x11 0x11 0x11
JB1/D3 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x12 0x12 0x12
JB1/D4 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x13 0x13 0x13
JB1/D5 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x14 0x14 0x14
JB1/D6 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x15 0x15 0x15
JB1/D7 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x16 0x16 0x16
JB1/D8 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x17 0x17 0x17
JB1/D9 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x18 0x18 0x18
JB1/D10 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x19 0x19 0x19
JB1/D11 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x1a 0x1a 0x1a
JB1/D12 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x1b 0x1b 0x1b
JB1/D13 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x1c 0x1c 0x1c
JB1/D14 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x1d 0x1d 0x1d
JB1/D15 (M/C1.J2, -------)* 0x1e 0x1e 0x1e

Note: "*" indicates the drive is physically present
in the specified enclosure.

"#" indicates that one or more addresses do not match the
enclosure address (Encl Addr).

Drives Listed in Physical Loop Order

M/C1.J1 M/C2.J2 M/C1.J2 M/C2.J2
------- ------- ------- -------
M/D4 M/D4 JB0/D15 -------
M/D3 M/D3 JB0/D7 -------
M/D2 M/D2 JB0/D14 -------
M/D1 M/D1 JB0/D8 -------
JA0/D15 JA1/D15 JB0/D9 -------
JA0/D7 JA1/D14 JB0/D13 -------
JA0/D14 JA1/D13 JB0/D12 -------
JA0/D8 JA1/D12 JB0/D10 -------
JA0/D9 JA1/D11 JB0/D11 -------
JA0/D13 JA1/D10 JB0/D2 -------
JA0/D12 JA1/D6 JB1/D15 -------
JA0/D10 JA1/D7 JB1/D7 -------
JA0/D11 JA1/D5 JB1/D14 -------
JA0/D2 JA1/D8 JB1/D8 -------
JA1/D15 JA0/D15 JB1/D9 -------
JA1/D7 JA0/D14 JB1/D13 -------
JA1/D14 JA0/D13 JB1/D12 -------
JA1/D8 JA0/D12 JB1/D10 -------
JA1/D9 JA0/D11 JB1/D11 -------
JA1/D13 JA0/D10 JB1/D2 -------
JA1/D12 JA0/D6 JB1/D1 -------
JA1/D10 JA0/D7 JB1/D6 -------
JA1/D11 JA0/D5 JB1/D5 -------
JA1/D2 JA0/D8 JB1/D4 -------
JA1/D1 JA0/D1 JB1/D3 -------
JA1/D6 JA0/D4 JB0/D1 -------
JA1/D5 JA0/D9 JB0/D6 -------
JA1/D4 JA0/D3 JB0/D5 -------
JA1/D3 JA0/D2 JB0/D4 -------
JA0/D1 JA1/D1 JB0/D3 -------
JA0/D6 JA1/D4 ------- -------
JA0/D5 JA1/D9 ------- -------
JA0/D4 JA1/D3 ------- -------
JA0/D3 JA1/D2 ------- -------
M/D10 M/D10 ------- -------
M/D9 M/D9 ------- -------
M/D8 M/D8 ------- -------
M/D7 M/D7 ------- -------
M/D6 M/D6 ------- -------
M/D5 M/D5 ------- -------
M/D15 M/D15 ------- -------
M/D14 M/D14 ------- -------
M/D13 M/D13 ------- -------
M/D12 M/D12 ------- -------
M/D11 M/D11 ------- -------