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Re: VA7410

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Have any of you run across the warning " power switch sense failure "? I'm seeing this from vfp. I have checked vfp -f and all is good. vfp -d is showing all the disk. The only thing that seems to be out of the ordinary is the jbod ports both show being up with out anything connected. This is from the vfp -c. Seems odd. VA is running as single controller with a sing HBA to an N4000 3000 latest firmware applied to both the VA and N4000 as this is a newer install.

Any thoughts would be great.
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Re: VA7410

The array has internal I2C bus to get the status of various internal components. In this case the power switch status which apparently being shown as a failure.

I would run followings to get information about the possible cause.

# armlog-c (array ID)
# logprn-t all-v-a (array ID)

Following will collect complete information
# armdiag - I - i f