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Re: HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

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HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

HPE SalesBuilder for Windows was the best configuration tool compared to any principle vendor's configuration tools in terms of flexibility and user friendliness. It's really shocking to see such beautiful tool is getting replaced by absolutely inconvinient OCA.

Why ? If there was a need to replace SBW then why not alternate offline tool. Offline access was the best advantege tool had it gives a mjor advantage to work on configurations even while travelling. That major advantage is lost with OCA.

HPE should rethink on discontinuing SBW and should give us option to choose to which tool to use.

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Re: HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

In my Opinion.

I am strongly agree with the post above.

I do not understand why the guys who engineered the new tool did not think about the right way. I just have one idea about this. They have never work in real life with much of configurations in the same time. They have lots of times and they have not need to work everywhere and as fast as they can. Just in this case can somebody accecpt te OCA features and featurelesses.

The major problems about this tool:

1. Extremly slow.

2. Not available in offline mode.

3. Lots of features are not in what we were able to use in the SBW:

   a. Totally randomly saved modifications, you can not sure in that if you modified an earlier saved configuration and saved back again the modifications will be saving well. 

   b. There are no configuration summary option

   c. You can not change the Rack afterwards

   d. There is no copy-past, you have to do this with more clicks

   e. Can not setup the cabling in a factory built rack configuration

   f. Can not change the support From Flexibe to Fixed and vice-versa when you are configuring. If you want this you have to start to do everithing from the beginning

   g. and much more....

4. Too complicated surface. You have tons of coices one after another that is why you can not see the overall picture what is makes heavier to choose the right configuration what you want.

And more and more and more.....


So I am worried about the all OCA, we can much easier use and under much less time for a configuration the Dell and Cisco online tools. So welcome in the Club of time millionnaries....


Re: HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

Аs an SBW user,  I am strongly agree with the posts above too.

HP SBW configurator is old and has some problems, especialy with large and complex confugurations, but we got used on its complexity.

Now when you promote something new and when that someone is Hewlett Packard Enterprise, everyone is expecting to receive 3 Micheline star servings! We all expected this new thing to offer superb transformation with speed + easy of use = productivity!

HPE is world leader in IT segment for many years, a multi billion company, OCA was expected soon or later, but no one expected third class web application, extremly slow with lots of errors and mailfinctions.

Are't HPE learned something from the fiasco with HPE Quick Specs, have you checked soon Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu configurators.

OCA was announced in Appril 2017 and go online on 01.07.2017 but still no functual improvements.

I guess HPE will rethink on discontinuing SBW, otherwise HPE will loose revenue.

P.S. Does Meg knows what are you doing :-P

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Re: HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

Good afternoon.

Can you please point me to the OCA download or the webpage please/

I can find "simple" but it doesnt allow me to view any Storevirtual products.

Thank you very much!!


Re: HPE Replacing Sales Builder with OCA

Are you using OCA? or something else?  I tried to use it and it seemed very cumbersome.  I would also like to add some non-HP equipment in the rack that I already own.  Any suggestions on what to use?