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Re: D220 to D280 Upgrade Problems


D220 to D280 Upgrade Problems

I am trying to do a D220 to D280 hardware upgrade and I am using the DClass System Upgrade manual as my guide -- http://docs.hp.com/hpux/pdf/A3262-90010.pdf

I've replaced the Power Supply, Memory and CPU cards, but not the Core I/O card.

The Upgrade manual says to run the upgrade script only if I am going from a D210 to a Dx80 -- so, I did not run the script because this is a D220 going to a D280.

When I tried booting the system, all the IO Mapping appears to be different and letting it boot with an auto search for the boot device. It finds a boot device and starts booting.

The system boot bombs with an HPMC failure a few moments after getting past the ISL messeage. It complains about the IO.

1.) Do I need to use the upgrade script?
(If I use this script, the manual says it can render the system unusable if it is run a second time -- so, I am nervous about running it because the manual says I shouldn't need to for a D220 to D280 upgrade -- yet the IO seems to be mapped different -- so, what is wrong?)

2.) Is the Core IO in need of changing (I am getting conflicting messages with people who have upgraded this way in the past saying the Core IO is not needed in this upgrade versus the upgrade manual saying to replace the Core IO as one of its upgrade steps)?

Can anyone help me with what's going on and how I can complete this upgrade.


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Re: D220 to D280 Upgrade Problems


Yes, You should run the sript for I/O mapping
to restore the original I/O configuration