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Hardware support matrix

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Hardware support matrix

Does HP have a document that lists what hardware models they support? Specifically, I'm looking at the 800 K460, 800 R380, and 867 G40. Our management is requesting this information so that we can generate a product End-of-Support (EOS) matrix for some existing hardware we will be assuming through an acquistion. I've looked all over the HP site and searched the web, both without any success.
Any help greatly appreciated. Happy holidays.
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Re: Hardware support matrix

With regards to parts, that information is on http://partsurfer.hp.com

If its not supported, you won't be able to find or buy it.

This thread, Harry's response has a pretty current spreadsheet that deals directly with your question.

My search will help you find further docs


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Re: Hardware support matrix

Steve, I can tell you from current experience (The paper copy spreadsheet I am looking at is dated 11/02/2001).

G,H,I-Class : obsoleted (end of support) Feb 1st 2003. If you didn't have them under contract at that time, you will never get them under contract.

K-460: obsoleted (end of support) on May 31st, 2005.

R-380: obsoleted (end of support) on August 1st 2005.

I believe the standard for existing contracts at time of obsoletion is as follows;
Existing support contracts are null and void 1 year after the date of obsoletion or at the end date of the contract "whichever is less". We had this happen to our G and H-Class servers. Mercifully, we were just about to retire them anyway.
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Re: Hardware support matrix

Hello Steve,
I got one URL u need to bookmark:

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