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rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails

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rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails

This might just be a silly question but I just cannot figure it out or find a doc to assist.

We are deinstalling a rp7420 and I cannot figure out how to slide it off the rails.

I was expecting a lock button other either side but there is none.

Before I start taking screws out does someone know the trick ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails

The question is very difficult to answer...is it racked in an HP cabinet using HP-supplied rails? That will narrow it down a bit but there have been a few different rail kits over the years. NOTE: the rp7400 series is very heavy -- over 200 pounds (almost 100 Kg) when full of disk, RAM and I/O cards. Make sure you have a mechanical lift to support the box as it is removed. Removing it without a lift is not recommended.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails

Hi Tim,

1. Fully extend the server.
2. There are 4 screw that lock the server onto the rail, you must open these.
3. You should be able to slide the server off the rails, as Bill said, it is very heavy so be careful.

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Re: rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails


if you extend the server out of the rack, you should find 2 handles inside the rack. To install them, you need to remove the servers side panels.
Remove the 4 (or6?) screws holding the server on the rails.
Be very very careful, the rails may spread and the server may fall down onto your feed.
So you need to secure the server while removing the screws.
Do this on your own risk only.

Hope this helps!

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Re: rp7420 deinstall, remove from rails

Thanks guys !!

As Bill mentioned, I have seen so many different rail types over the years as well you never know if there is a trick or not.

Much thanks !