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Re: Compute Node and connection to failing node

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Compute Node and connection to failing node

In a Two node setup we have 2 compute nodes connected to the federation. Both pointing to the OVC's IP of the first node.

This node has a hardware issue and needs to be restarted. Will the VM's on the compute nodes survive this or will they lose connection to the datastore ?

When shutting down the OVC isn't the IP failed over to the other node ?

What can we expect ?


Re: Compute Node and connection to failing node

It depends on how the compute nodes are set up,


https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-a00094457en_us page 65

You need to specify the data transfer IP address that you want to use for the standard ESXi host storage traffic.To do this, you must know the network IP address of the HPE OmniStack host you plan to use to share thedatastore.

For example, the HPE OmniStack host provides two potential paths:

•Storage Network IP address (recommended for failover)•Management Network IP addressYour network also impacts the IP address you use. For example:

•If you use the switched method for the 10 GbE storage network, use the Storage Network IP address ofthe HPE OmniStack host. It is a best practice to use this network because it provides higher bandwidth andfailover capability.

•If you use the direct-connect method for the 10 GbE storage network, specify the Management Network IPaddress of the HPE OmniStack host. However, this network has no failover capability.

Check the /etc/hosts file of the compute node to see if Managment or storage is mapped.

If storage is mapped then it fully supports ipfailover

if managment is mapped then you will need to arrange downtime.



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Re: Compute Node and connection to failing node

Thanks !

Using the Management IP was the case in this. Changed to Storage IP now.