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Best practices after system board replacement


Best practices after system board replacement

I had a system board replaced on one of my SY 480 GEN10 2  blades.   Before the replacement, the service technician recommended updating updating the service profile for that blade and remove the "Server Hardware" assignment.  This would help retain the server's wwn and other info.   

I followed the recomendation, the HPE tech replaced the board, and changed the Serial number to match the original board's.    I then re-assocated the server profile to the blade and re-applied the profile.   The re-applied failed because it could not update some of the firmware.   The error in the event log recommended a cold boot and re-apply.   I pulled the blade and then re-inserted after a 10 minute wait.  The blade is not being seen in the enclosure.    

Support is working on the issue, but I'm wondering if I did the wrong actions or the right actions in the wrong order.   Is there documentation to handle this situation correctly.   Thanks for listening. 



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Re: Best practices after system board replacement

Hi Dave, Thanks for writing.

Here is the official documentation for the systemboard replacement on a Synergy 480 Gen10 Server:



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