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Authentication Server is not availible

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Authentication Server is not availible

Hello guys,


I have a fresh (Trail) Installation of iMC 7 (E0102) and a problem with users from the Active Directory. Normally a AD user from a Admin OU can login to iMC via Username and Password. It´s just the iMC not UAM or something else!


My plan:

1. Configure the Authentication Server (LDAP V3, MS AD, IP of Domain Controller, LDAP Port 389, Base DN, Admin DN, Admin password and Username attribute.


2. configure an Operator with the LDAP option.


The Problem is now, that I can try to login, but I allways received the error message "Authentication server is not availible". On the Firewall I see the LDAP packet and it´s not blocked. I´m a little bit confused because the error message comes very fast, nearly after pressing ENTER.


Is there something I´ve forgot?


Best regards


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Re: Authentication Server is not availible

Your general process looks good.


I would suspect either a typo with the password, or the DN.


Since you're using plaintext, I would just run Wireshark and capture the traffic between IMC and your AD server - it should be easy enough to decode the responses from the AD server, to see what's going wrong.