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IMC Database Compatibility 7.0 with 7.3

Regular Advisor

IMC Database Compatibility 7.0 with 7.3

Hi All

We are slowly preparing for IMC move to a new host. We want to isntall IMC 7.3 fromt the scratch on the new host.

Current version is 7.0, question is can we restore database from current version to IMC 7.3?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: IMC Database Compatibility 7.0 with 7.3

No that won't work as there are changes to the DB tables between versions.

You would have to run the upgrades in order specified in the release notes. the list what minum version is to go to the next major release. So likely one or two for each major release.

So you could upgrade your existing install and then move the db when it matches the version on the new host.

But probably safer to install the existing verison on new host, move the DB and then upgrade. You'd avoid the risk that the new host did not like the DB