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HP switch 1820 VLAN issues

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HP switch 1820 VLAN issues

I brought HP Switch 1820 recently, I have a firewall Fortinet 80c our office we restructured the cabling in a few days back after the cable our IT dept thing we need to separate the network with VLAN technology one for the PC user and Voice, Management Users and Wifi/guest users.

Network Topology is

IN Fortinet Firewall LAN interface: VLAN 10 Office PC and Voice), VLAN 20 (management ) and VLAN 30 

Fortinet I done the configuration same VLAN configured as I mentioned above 

In HP 1820 Switch also I configured VLAN 10,20,30 and Untagged 

After that, I try to ping connect all the VLAN port I can not ping all the gateway of Fortinet VLANs 

if anyone has the idea please help me otherwise, I need to buy layer3 switch I don't know management will accept 



Re: HP switch 1820 VLAN issues

Hi @Shanintracouae,

what is your topology and your device system versions?



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