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MSM 760 Controllers

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MSM 760 Controllers


Our 4 HP MSM 760 controllers does not display the radio and clients stats on the controllers anymore. The clients is connected to the AP but on the controller is shows no clients. When checking in the events log of the AP's that is connected to the controller, we can see clients connected successfull to the AP's.


Re: MSM 760 Controllers

Hello @Netops123 

There is an issue with similar symptoms when the controllers resp APs are reaching uptime of 248 days or more.

The following fixes are addressing this issue.



[ 214044 ] Fixed an issue on the Discovered APs page in which radio icons were dimmed, and status and statistics information was not updated, for synchronized APs with almost 248 days of uptime.
[ 234677 ] (Applies to all controllers) Made additional fixes to issue 214044 from to cover errors found with events, alarms, and status/statistics for synchronized access points upon reaching an uptime of 248 days
[ 245679, 247068, 245781 ] (Applies to all controllers and access points.) Fixed an issue in which outdated information was displayed in the Web UI when the controller was up for 248 days or more
This fixes were implemented between version and
If you are not running version and your APs and controllers have more than 248 days of uptime you are probably experiencing this issue.
You can update to if you are entitled to SW download.
If not you can schedule downtime and reboot all controllers and APs. This should resolve the issue at least for the next 248 days.
I am an HPE employee

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Re: MSM 760 Controllers

Hi Emil

Tested with a controller that has 10 AP's on and rebooted it now. Thanks I can see clients is showing on the controller again.