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Starting NS Web Viewpoint

Occasional Contributor

Starting NS Web Viewpoint

Hi Experts,

Need help to setup and activate NS Web Viewpoint, upon checking i have 3 files under $system.*wvp* and i don't know what i am going to use in these files. 


I also need to know how to access WVP once it is already setup and running. 

System Info:

System name \PN1
EXPAND node number 024
Current SYSnn SYS00
System number 079328
Software release ID J06.21.01

Occasional Advisor

Re: Starting NS Web Viewpoint

This is a little complicated. In older releases, WebViewpoint was distributed on the SUT to the ISV $system.ZWVP. But the later versions are distributed as a windows exe file. So if you want to install what was on the older SUT (not J06.21.01), you would have to find the old installation manual and install it from $system.ZWVP. If you want to get the later one (from Scout), you would use the instructions in the latest manual. Basically, extract the exe file to a folder on your windows box, then upload those files to in installation subvol on the NonStop and follow the directions. I'm pretty sure that you still need a separate license file that you need to request from the License Admin before you can run WebViewpoint. After you execute the installation procedure, it will create a startup file that you will execute to start webviewpoint. To access it, you open a web browser on your windows workstation and enter the url, which will be something like your nonstop server name or ip address with a port number. The new version is port 8787, the older one is 7501. For my system, it looks like http://dal15:8787