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GRC collaborates with HPE OEM to deliver Immersion-Cooling Systems with HPE servers



Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) has recently partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM to integrate its ICEraQ™ liquid-immersion cooling system with the HPE servers for customers to gain alternative cooling capabilities in a flexible, pre-packaged offering. With this collaboration, HPE OEM has helped GRC to create powerful new opportunities for its customers to benefit from the immersion-cooling technology.

The end-user can now seamlessly deploy high-performing HPE servers, virtually anywhere, which was limited by power, space, or cooling prior to this collaboration. Customers can also easily integrate high-density HPE equipment into any existing data center without adding the normal time and expense of the altering legacy data center infrastructure to accommodate today’s newest applications platforms.

According to Brandon Moore, Solutions Architect, GRC, the flexibility offered by immersion is unparalleled. He further states, “For example, if you were looking to add some high-end AI/ML servers, just a half rack of those servers would push you beyond the 15 kW per rack limit of legacy air-cooling systems. Alternatively, you can easily support that density with a GRC system such as the ICEraQ Micro which can handle over 2000 watts of heat load per U of rack space, enabling the creation of a high-density zone in any existing data center while removing the thermal constraints that exist with legacy air-cooled data centers. Any HPE server type, without regard to heat load, can be deployed quickly into an existing white space, on the edge, or in a greenfield site with minimal infrastructure requirements".

On the other hand, Phillip Cutrone, the VP & GM, Worldwide OEM, HPE, believes that there's a growing opportunity to bring the latest technology capabilities to market in order to support emerging applications such as AI and edge computing. "By collaborating with GRC to integrate its ICEraQ™ with our agile, high-performing infrastructure solutions, we are offering our customers flexible options for system cooling", he said.

Click here to read the full press release announcement.

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Audrey Cox
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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