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BCV copies of Oracle 11gR2 ASM disks on windows 2008

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BCV copies of Oracle 11gR2 ASM disks on windows 2008

HI all,


I'm currently trying to leverage HP mirrorclones to take "BCV" copies of a production Oracle 11gR2 RAC database using ASM storage & back this copy of the disks to tape.

I have successfully mounted a copy of the disks to a backup server & have been able to mount the disk groups using a local Oracle ASM instance - all I need to do now is back this up to tape & verify that its a good backup strategy.

I have looked at the Oracle plug ins for Data protector but they don't seem to support ASM but rather need to have the database instance mounted to backup directly to tape. Whereas I want to take a disk level backup of the database while its in backup mode.

Has anyone had any joy implementing such a backup strategy, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,



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Re: BCV copies of Oracle 11gR2 ASM disks on windows 2008

Hello, I'll use Oracle ASM on linux systems, do you know where the file with support matrix that says if the ASM is supported or not? I found a doc about implementing the integration where says how to implement Oracle ASM with Data Protector Oracle integration. So, I'm supposing that the ASM is supported, but I'm still in doubt and it would be nice have it on a HP DataProtector support Matrix documment.. I haven't found it yet..


if you or anyone have a tip about this support, I Thankfully.