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HP Toptools Alert

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HP Toptools Alert

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what a Crossed Octets Threshold error is and why I would get it.

Re: HP Toptools Alert

"Crossed Octets Threshold" is an event indicating that the utilization of the
network segment has passed the defined % values configured in TopTools Traffic
Monitor. Effectively this means that you may be experiencing a momentary burst of
traffic on the segment referred to in the alarm.

To resolve the occurrence of these alarms there are two potential actions:

1. Acknowledge that the alarms are indicating excessive traffic is occurring on those network segments and that this needs to be resolved. Consider options to reduce that by network redesign or implementation of switching devices to reduce the apparent traffic on that segment.

2. Change the alarm settings so that fewer alarms occur. This is done using the Thresholds button on the bottom of the Traffic Monitor window. Select the Ethernet tab and move the sliding bar for the Utilization counter so that the alarms are set at higher settings than the defaults.