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HP Vectra 50 486x machines

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HP Vectra 50 486x machines

Is there any information on these antique machines running MSDOS or Windows3.x
Additional; I have a systemadministrator password that I can not change because
I bought this machine on a dump market (second hand.
Now I tried to build in a CDRom, but failed, due to that password problem.
On top of that, my ficed drive (A:\) does not work any more because my BIOS
thinks it is connected to a control board (The FCC card I put in to control the
CDRom) instead of an internal control from the motherboard.
Anyone familiar with these kind of problems.
Is there a place to go for oldfashioned computerpeople like me using a
prehistorical machine ?
Tell me !
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Re: HP Vectra 50 486x machines


As for the first part of your question, you may find information regarding the
model of hp vectra from this url.

For the additional question about the machine with a password on it, what is
the password on? Is it the OS or the cmos? If it's the on the cmos normally you
would be able to clear it with setting a jumper on the motherboard. I sure hope
this can get you in the right direction.