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IVT Disables randomly on my DL360 servers

New Member

IVT Disables randomly on my DL360 servers

Hello, hope someone has some insight on this:

We have 72 DL360 servers we use for sandbox labs. As a result, they are re-imaged on a regular (weekly) basis.

From time to time, when the systems are re-imaged, we find that IVT has become disabled in the systems. When we go into the BIOS settings, this is the only setting that has reverted to factory default. All other settings remain as we have set them.

We have password protected the BIOS, so that the end users of the Sandbox labs cannot enter into BIOS and change configurations.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this would be happening? It seems to be occurring randomly, and it is difficult for us to track down root cause.