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login error

Occasional Contributor

login error


I received the following error when trying to login to either the network or
login to workstation.


Can anyone help?. The workstation is running on Window NT 4.0 operating
systems. Thanks!!!
Regular Advisor

Re: login error

Hello Quynh,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your NT workstation - maybe we can
help you out. This could be related to a few different things so I'll need a
little more info from you.

- Do you get this error at the login screen, where you press ctrl-alt-del? Are
you trying to log on to the local workstation or to the domain?
- Can another user (domain administrator) logon at this computer? Can anyone
log on at this machine? Can the user you are trying to log on as logon
successfully at another station?
- Are you running some type of network client, like Novell's 32-bit client, on
top of NT?
- What NT service pack is installed on this machine?
- If you can get logged on as another user, are there any errors in the Event
Viewer - System log?
- After you press ctrl-alt-del and enter the username, password, and domain or
workgroup, does NT pause for a few seconds and then give you the error or does
the error come back immediately?
- Has anyone ever logged on successfully from this machine before? Has this
particular user ever logged on at another machine?
- If you are logging in (or trying to login) to a domain, are there any error
messages on the PDC or BDC regarding the logon attempt?

Sorry I don't have a quick answer for you. If you could supply some more
details we'll try to help you out.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Occasional Contributor

Re: login error

Hello Jamie,

Thanks a lot for your help.

I got the error after I have pressed ctrl+alt+del and entered username,
password, and domain/workstation. NT paused for a long time (2-4 mins) before
the error message came up. Both user and adminstrator can't log on this
machine. Can't log on to either local station or the domain.

The PC runs Novell's 32-bit client on top of NT, and NT service pack 5 was

The user/administrator were successfully logged on to this
machine(domain/local) the day before.

Thanks again.
best regards,
Regular Advisor

Re: login error

Hello Quynh,

Thanks for the additional information. This is a known Novell issue and there
is a fix for you documented at Novell's website. I will paste the URL in below
for you. I think your exact problem and the solution is outlined in Document
10023334 but you might want to take a look at 2939465 also. Just go to the
link below and search on the document number. Please let us know if that
resolves your problem.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes