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MsWord 97 viewing over the intranet

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MsWord 97 viewing over the intranet


Can someone please help me with this problem.

We have an internal web site script that allow user to: view a file in Plain Text; Download a file, and/or view the file in MsWord 97. The first 2 functions are working fine but when the user choose to view in MsWord 97 so that she/he can print it later there is nothing happening. The page did not move to anywhere and there was no message appearing.

The web site have had been working fine for the eversince I can remember (1 year) but lately it started to give all sorts of problems/errors that I was able to fix except this one today. I am the only one that can go in and play around with the scripts for this web site and all the fixing I did had nothing to do with this script that allow users to view the file.

Any help is greatly appreciate.
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Re: MsWord 97 viewing over the intranet


It's going to be hard to answer your question since you are doing this via a script that you have written. My first question is: can you right click the link and download the file to the hard drive and then pull it up in Word - OUTSIDE of the script?

I know that you don't believe it is your script that's causing the problem so to verify that, try to do this manually, ie, don't use the script. Right click the link to the Word file and choose Save to hard disk. Then bring up Word and open that file from the hard drive. Does it work properly? If so, the problem is with the script. If not, it will be easier for someone to help you with if you can take the script out of the picture (or you will have to find someone to troubleshoot your script for you).

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Jamie Hughes
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Re: MsWord 97 viewing over the intranet

It sounds like you're using Perl's OLE module to blast the data into Word prior to sending it down to the client.

You noted that other things have also gone wrong. Can you be a little more descriptive?

Chances are that if everything was working fine up until recently that something was done that caused all of the errors. Any idea what that might have been? (Update to Word 2000? Apply a service pack?)
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