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My computer is very grainy and dim?

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My computer is very grainy and dim?

I received my Hp DV2700 today. It is fine except that the screen is very grainy. When I open a screen such as a blank screen on Microsoft Office Word, the white screen is so grainy it appears almost grey. The display is also not very bright. Is there somewhere I can adjust the display? I am surprised that the screen is so grainy, as I thought this was only a tablet pc problem.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: My computer is very grainy and dim?

Most models advertising bright display and have large wide screens on a laptop aren't good and I'm sorry this information is getting to you too late. However, I'm here to help you not criticize you on your laptop of choice.

Assuming this error is software related and not hardware is a tight stretch, but here's the only advice I can give you and I hope somebody comes along with better advice.

Right-click your desktop and select properties. Navigate to the Settings tab and here's what you do. Change the color quality and screen resolution to the highest settings and see if the problem persists. If it is fixed change it back and see if it still persists. I'm thinking if the problem is not hardware related then it may be the settings were not done properly and tinkering with the settings may reset to default and fix errors. If it is still problematic after this, reinstall the video driver at the link below.


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Re: My computer is very grainy and dim?

Hi Alexis,
Does the dim screen only appaers when it is on battery power?

Most HP laptops have a key to adjust brightness, I thught it was FN+F8 to adjust I do not have a laptop right here, so I can not check. but there is a symbol on the correct F-key.

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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