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Re: network card problem NT4

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network card problem NT4

We have an old Proliant 1500 with a failed NIC.
The card has been replaced by HP hardware support.
Still no connectivity.
We have reinstalled drivers over and over.
A static IP address has been set up static addressing since the server could not contact the DHCP server.
We can ping the loopback IP address with success.
When we try to ping the gateway, we get a request timed out.

We have switched UTP wires with a server that works. This way we have descarded the switch and the UTP wire as the source of the problem.

What else can be done?
This is more likely a software configuration issue.

Any hint would be rewarded with points.

Thank you.
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Re: network card problem NT4

I would start out by deleting out the old card, then by using the NIC install disk, reinstall the card.

The other option (have to remember HOW to do it), is to remove the TCP/IP stack, then reinstall it.

Try the following article for HOW:

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Re: network card problem NT4

This was finally a combination of the NIC speed and Duplex along with the switch port setting.
The switch port had a 100/Full setting which made it impossible to get link.
When this setting was changed into Auto, the problem was solved out.

Thank you.