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Pavilion, OEM XP and SP1

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Pavilion, OEM XP and SP1

My HP521c with OEM XP was working fine. Over the weekend I upgraded to Windows XP Service Pack 1 and disaster happened. The system became very very slow, did not turn off any more etc. I have installed the HP patch to solve the non-destructive system restore (F10), but that didn't solve the problem. Had to carry out the non-destructive system restore (F10) and reconfigure the machine and all software (2 days to sort out). Running Windows XP update shows that all previous upgrades have disappeared incl SP1 (there must be remnants all over the place). Obviously I don't dare to install XP SP1 again and have another Pavilion still unaltered.

I see quite some communication on the XP SP1 and HP Pavilion issue on internet and the HP support site but most refer to the system restore problem to be solved by the HP patch. I have not seen communication that indicates that the HP 512c is totally disrupted after installing XP SP1. We have no idea what to do and appreciate any help.
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Re: Pavilion, OEM XP and SP1


I do not know about the HP 512c, but one thing I know for sure is that if you plan to remove the remnants files, the only way this will work is if you format the drive or wipe out the %systemroot (c:\winxp) directory. Simply because the Windows XP repair and install processes do not actually overwrite files; if the file is present it will skip to the next one.

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