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Smart Update Manager 8.0 vs 7.6.2

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Smart Update Manager 8.0 vs 7.6.2

Hi a have been using smart update manager for a long time primarly in SCCM to deploy HP SPP on windows

Today a ran in to som serius problems whit the new smart update manager 8.0 and worst of all no logs in sccm

But here is what we do http://www.scconfigmgr.com/2014/04/06/install-hp-service-pack-for-proliant-during-osd-with-configmgr-2012/

and this has been working fore a long time but now on the server a can see 2 black command windows open quickly and close.

Is there any new things that are required a know that hpsum.bat is going away and we need to use smartupdate.bat so a tryed that and it works lokaly on the server but when we try to deploy from sccm it dosent the same 2 command windows open and closes

Any tips




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Re: Smart Update Manager 8.0 vs 7.6.2

I might suggest running clean-cache if you've ever run SUM on that system before. Then restart SUM.