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VGA to TV Output converter

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VGA to TV Output converter

Greetings all,

Has anyone used a VGA laptop/computer output connection through an adapter that would allow viewing the composite video signal through a TV video input connection (standard RCA or S-Video)? I'd like to go from my laptop to a TV. (A generic question no limited to model or brand of laptop/computer. I'm just interested in another way to do it.)

If so, what was the name of the company providing the adapter, how well did it work and how much did the device cost? First hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated over general searches which I've done myself.

Alternately, if there are any schematics available to construct such a device, the info would be appreciated. I have one to go from VGA to RGB dicrete output with composite sync. I could use a schematic showing how to combine RGB with composite sync into one output.

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Re: VGA to TV Output converter

Hi there.
Is it possible to use USB 2.0 on your notebook ?
If yes, pls check


for possible solutions. Take these as samples and try to get some decent device for your comp.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: VGA to TV Output converter

No, I don't have USB2, only 1.1.

My experience with these add on devices hasnt' been that good, I took back a product called VideOh! which was an external TV tuner via USB connection. My USB wasn't fast enough to see the video.

Had a look at your URL but couldnt' find a suitable device. I still think my solution would be the more direct approach and will continue working on it (VGA to TV out).

Liked your personal quote. Also one of my favourite scenes (as enclosed).

Re: VGA to TV Output converter

Hi Ed,

Happy New Year. There many adapters in the market. Try

www.avers.com.tw or www.grand.com.tw

This are Taiwanese or you can try the web search for Koreans as they are mostly cheaper than the UK or US brands. If top quality ones then you can try

www.vinemicros.com (UK) or www.extrons.com (US)

I had used all of them before and the Taiwan or Korean are reasonable in quality.

Best regards
Danny Khong