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Decnet - stopped

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Decnet - stopped

What are the possible reasons for which decnet is stopped?How could I analysis the root cause?

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Re: Decnet

You could look at any log files.
Look for the accounting record showing the DECnet processes ending and check the final exit status.

Ask people on that system who have privileged usernames what they have been doing recently.
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Re: Decnet

My rough rule of thumb: if I can legitimately answer a question with "is it plugged in?", there's not enough detail provided in the question.

Please do help us help you here, please help us get you the answer you need more quickly, and do help further your own career (really!) at the same time:


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Re: Decnet

One reason could be that someone did it intentionally:

$ mcr ncp
NCP> set executor state off

Works every time!

A few states could have been set:

OFF Allows no new logical links, terminates existing links, and stops route-through traffic.

RESTRICTED Allows no new inbound links from other nodes.

SHUT Allows no new logical links, does not destroy existing links, and goes to the OFF state when all logical links are disconnected.