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ICBM names

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ICBM names

In sysman, what is actually the prefix : IO SHOW PREFIX and how does it make affect the application running ?

%SYSMAN-I-OUTPUT, command execution on node BUSH
%SYSMAN-I-IOPREFIX, the current prefix list is: SYS$,DECW$,X25$

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Re: ICBM names

From another answer by Volker Halle


"SYSMAN IO AUTO tries to activate the various SYS$SHARE:xxx$ICBM* images (xxx = prefix from configured prefix list: SYSMAN IO SHOW PREFIX). It tres a platfrom/CPU specific ICBM first (i.e. SYS$ICBM_401F), then a platform-specific one (SYS$ICBM_40) and then a generic SYS$ICBM.EXE. Same for DECwindows (DECW$) and other prefixes - if configured.

This affects the configuration of devices and drivers but not directly your application.

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