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Re: Monitoring OpenVMs

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Monitoring OpenVMs

Hi all
Am with HP Openview OVO/NNM a server network monitoring tool. My client has lots of OpenVMS with ACMS. I dont know what is this openVMS and ACMS. Can anyone tell me brief.
Can i monitor OpenVMS and trasaction of ACMS. Is there any tool n HP openview...

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Re: Monitoring OpenVMs

There are probes available for download and installation onto OpenVMS that can allow OpenView to peer into and to monitor OpenVMS boxes, yes, and there are clients for various of the typical and specific OpenView applications, such as the OpenView Data Protector (OVDP) client, for instance.

Here is a Google search "trick" that will let you find all of the pieces related to OpenView that are mentioned at the OpenVMS web site:


As for a probe specific to ACMS, I don't know. You can certainly use the available probes to monitor the presence of ACMS processors, but I don't know if you can peer into ACMS itself or into your own applications without writing some probe code.

If you need help with your particular client, there are experienced folks available here that can "sublet" the work.