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System Process Information

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System Process Information

Years ago I had found a program for OpenVMS that displayed output similar to the SYSTAT command on I beleive it was TOPS-20.

For OpenVMS AXP/VAX the display was:
$ systat
-------- System Status on Node(s) * at 03:19 PM, 26-May-10 --------

PID Username Elapsed-Time CPU-Time State M Gbl/Mem Image
00005391 2 03:18 0 00:00:01 LEF I 2544/9088 LOGINOUT
000053A0 HORN 2 02:27 0 00:03:44 CUR I 1440/7664 SYSTAT
0003C372 HORN 0 22:41 0 00:00:01 LEF I 352/2912
0003E12D HORN 0 07:11 0 00:00:04 LEF I 272/2112
00041026 HORN 0 05:51 0 00:01:20 LEF I 64/1456
00041084 HORN 0 05:50 0 00:00:25 LEF I 1456/6608 MONITOR
000410DC HORN 0 05:50 0 00:00:07 LEF I 1392/5200 MONITOR
0004112C HORN 0 05:49 0 00:00:30 LEF I 160/1856
00043B09 HORN 0 05:30 0 00:00:10 LEF I 1424/5072 MONITOR
0003DB58 SYSTEM 0 07:15 0 00:00:19 LEF I 1168/7392 MONITOR
00050D18 UCS_CJC 0 01:02 0 00:00:02 LEF I 0/2960

----- 11 records: 11 Interactive 0 Batch 0 Network 0 Other -----

This version you could do SYSTAT/IMAGE=MONITOR and it would show only those process that would be running that image. There was also one that you could customize the command line to show other information.

Anyone one know of a program for Itanium that does the same kind of display?
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Re: System Process Information

The usual find-some-Freeware query:


turns up various candidates for this, including




I'm guessing you're looking for the second of these two, but there are others.
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Re: System Process Information

I found some ancient code with a dependence on *a* SYSTAT.EXE (though possibly not quite the same as yours). No source, but we successfully translated the image for IA64. An obvious candidate for translation. Not performance sensitive and most likely not privileged, or architecture dependent.

On the other hand, if you have specific functions like "display all processes running a particular image", there are plenty of tools at your disposal to knock together a simple DCL procedure.
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Re: System Process Information

Hmm, Elapsed time is probably a somewhat misleading column header presenting current-time minus login-time, but it may suggest to some that is it is the time that reported image ran.


Attached a dinky C example to do GETJPI over all processes reporting a handful of items in CSV format for further processing.

It would be trivial to add or delete columns through source level changed, but it would be real work to add command line options to do so.

It would be trivial to post-filter the output by image, but again it would be a bit more work to add a call to SYS$PROCESS_SCAN such that it can search for specific processes based on many different selection criteria.

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Re: System Process Information

You may be interested in this Python program that does statistics on the CPU modes


You will see the processes using the most Kernel, Exec, Supervisor and User modes, by total or percentage.

Install Python just for your process (see process installation) or for all the users (see System installation)