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Re: AMP Mode

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AMP Mode

I have an ML310 G4 that is indicating an "AMP mode status: Degraded" error within my SIM console. It might help me to know what "AMP mode" is. I searched throughout google and didn't find anything relevant.

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Re: AMP Mode

AMP stands for Advanced Memory Protection. the options for that server (I think) are:

Advanced ECC (default)
Online Spare

I would have thought that SIM would only report a AMP Degraded status if in Online Spare Mode and you actually had a correctable memory threshold error which resulted in engaging the spare memory.

However, it might be that you are in Advanced ECC Mode and had a correctable memory threshold error. I assume you are running HP's health driver/agents since you are running SIM. Check the HP Integrated Management Log to see if you have a DIMM error listed. Also, you could check your Internal Health LED on the front of the server. Is it amber? If the system has a Systems Insight Display (don't remember if G4 had these), you could see if an DIMM LEDs are illuminated. If no SID, you could remove the cover and check DIMM LEDs.
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Re: AMP Mode