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Cannot log into iLO web console

Occasional Collector

Cannot log into iLO web console

We have about 25 ArcSight loggers in a datacenter a few miles away from here. We can successfully log into all of the loggers, and all but one of the iLOs through a web browser.

To troubleshoot this issue we have had the datacenter team test known good ethernet cables in the back of the bad iLO, however it isn't producing link lights. The associated logger has no known issues.

I would appreciate a few recommendations about how you would attempt to solve this problem.

Thank you.

Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot log into iLO web console

Not knowing what server or iLO version you're dealing with, my first guess would be the system in question has the iLO configured to use shared network port instead of the dedicated iLO port.  It is also possible that the iLO NIC port has failed

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