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DL20 gen9 add sas support

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DL20 gen9 add sas support


I have a DL20 gen9 server without SAS support and want to add 4 sas-hdd.

Can i buy a HPE H240 Smart Host Bus Adapter (726907-B21), change disks (HPE Enterprise SAS-3 300GB 10000rpm) and move the mini-sas cable to the controller to get it work?


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Re: DL20 gen9 add sas support

You probably need the system storage battery too.

[Edit] Unlike the HPE Smart Array Controllers, the H240 does not offer any acceleration or support cache modules.


The H240 Smart Host Bus Adapter provides flexibility to run in HBA mode or simple RAID mode. When operating in simple RAID mode, it provides RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 with optional HPE Secure Encryption capabilities.


The server user guide has all the details about installing additional components.


Maybe you need additional cables, see

Hope this helps!

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