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Re: Server doesn’t boot from hdd

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Server doesn’t boot from hdd

Dear all,
I have 4 hp dl380 g6, that 3 of them are power down as spare. The are raid 1( I don’t know hard or soft configuration). They have suse Linux.
I checked one of the 3 , but it doesn’t boot up from hdd, it goes to NIC in a loop and restarted.
I did theses procedure::
1- for BIOS:
1-1. Check the boot order, it is:
Ipl1: cd-rom
Ipl2: floppy drive (A)
Ipl3: usb (c:)
Ipl4: hard drive c:
Ipl5: pci embedded hp
1-2 by f11 choose item 4 to boot from hdd. ( no result)
2-test hdd ,
2-1- on the faulty server just for a very short time hdd led blink during hp logo startup
2-2- on faulty server hdd doesn’t have any vibration.
2-3- i put hdd to another server( replace the destination server hdds), it can boot up on hdds, so the hdds are OK.
3- power check
3-1- i Check the voltage pin out of 10 pin power connector of hdd, pin 1 and 5 are 12 volt, pin 6 and 10 are 5 volt( so the power seems ok),
3-2- i exchange the first power module of this faulty with another OK server, i put the power module of ok server on faulty server, but again it make a loop from boot drone NIC and restart!!
Based on 3 main test snow it seems that bios, hdd, and power don’t have problem,
Now I think on connection between hdd and mother board. But i don’t know how tho check and what is the best steps. And the before tests whether enough or not.
So would you please advise me.
Thanks for your attention.

Re: Server doesn’t boot from hdd


Follow the below steps to isolate the issue.

Restart the server
Verify the HP SA controller detected on POST or not.
If SA controller (P410I...etc.)doesn't detect on POST.....Suspected SA controller having the issue.

If the SA controller detected on POST follow the below steps.

To get the RAID controller options – press F8 for the Arrays Utility:
Now in RAID settings, View your Logical Drive from your available physical drives:
Verify the logical drive availability

Follow the below documents for more clarification

HP Array Configuration Utility User Guide

Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array


HP ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide

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