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Re: Array controller is in a lock-up State

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Array controller is in a lock-up State

Hello community,


One of our servers is having some problems.  Attached is a picture of the POST erros.  Below is the gist of the errors we're seeing on boot:


Slot 3 HP Smart Array 6400 Controller

1783-Slot 3 Array controller is in a lock-up State due to a hardware configuration failure.  (Controller is disabled until this problem is resolved)


Slot 3 HP Smart Array 6400 Controller (64MB, v2.84)

1762-Slot 3 Drive Array Controller Base Board Firmware Upgrade Needed:  Same version of Firmware should run on SA6400 Base and EM Controllers.


Any help on how to clear up these errors would be greatly appreciated.  We've tried updating the firmware on all server components.


We've also replaced the battery on the 6400.  HP Systems Management was reporting the battery needed to be replaced, but now it reports that no battery is present.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: Array controller is in a lock-up State



The cards are piggy backed on each other, the EM card is a extension of the base card.


It appears that the firmware is at a lower level on the base card, hence why the base card is complaining.


Download the firmware iso for that server and upgrade the firmware on both cards.


If it won't take on the base card (I've had that) downgrade the firmware on the EM card to the same version as the base card.


If the downgrade works then try to upgrade both to the latest level.



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Re: Array controller is in a lock-up State

Thank you for the response, Mikearm.


After some searching, I found and downloaded the "Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array 6400".  I'm about to install it.  I'm not quite 100% sure that what we have is specifically an HP Smart Array 6400 U320 Controller, but I believe it is.  Since I know of no way to confirm, I'm just going with this.  I looked all over the card itself, and I didn't see any real markings as to if it was one kind of 6400 or another.


Thanks again for the insight.  I'll try to update as I have news.