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TC2110 - upgrading to Windows Server 2003 questions

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TC2110 - upgrading to Windows Server 2003 questions


  I would like to rebuild an older TC2110 with a non-functioning version of Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003.  I've already run into 3 problems.

1. the BIOS I downloaded doesn't fit on a floppy. Can I use a ISO CD or am I missing something simple?

2. I have mirrored drives and would like to reformat and reset up the RAID. What version of SmartStart should I use to set up the RAID for mirrored drives? The v. 7.3 will not run on this system.  I'm sure the original CDs are here somewhere but I'd like to know what version I should be hunting for.

3. Where do I find what version of SCSI RAID controller is in the machine?


Thank you!