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Persistant Storage with Cassandra

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a simple app internal app for the SDN controller. Within this App, I need to store some data, somewhere and the only way, I found was using cassandra. If you now a better way of doing it, please give me the hint. 

While trying to implement this with cassandra I followed the programming guide, which is really hard, as you can't get the full code, and the programming has only some snippets, which is no enough, at least for me :)

So I tryied to adapt the code from the example app, which can be created with the "gen-app" tool from the SDK. But there I ran into an issue and I'm not able to solve it. I created all classes and they looked the same as the exampe ones but when implementing the dao class:

Line 7 has an error. 

The error is telling me, that dhcpoSubnetEntity should extend Storable, but this is an Interface. I'm not able to find a solution for this. Did someone of you sow this kind of error? 

Did someone of you has source code which he or she wants to share to get an understanding of how to implement this kind of 

Any help is really appreciated. 

Many thanks,

Who Me Too'd this topic