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OneView 3.0: Connection to remote backup location fails


I tried to create a scheduled backup in OneView 3.00.05 to a linux host as a remote backup target (SLES11SP3).

Saving the backup configuration creates the following error after about 6 minutes:

"Downloading a test file BACKUP_TEST_FILE to the remote backup location
Operation failed

Issue Operation failed: Connection timed out.
Resolution Ensure the remote backup location can be pinged and retry the operation"

I have tested the scp connection to the backup host using the backup user account from another computer: Works fine.

Debugging the sshd on the backup host shows, that there is some ssh-authentication communication between OneView and the backup host. But in some point of time this communication stops and after some time OV creates the above error.
The linux folks told me, that the communication stops, just before the OV host is expected to send the password for the configured backup user.

We also tried to use a linux host on the same network as a remote backup target: No success as well.
Any ideas, what we can do to fix the problem?

kind regards

Who Me Too'd this topic